Rohit Rabadia

Name: Rohit Rabadia
Nickname: “Rock It”
DOB: March 30th 1980
Place of Birth: London
Darts Used: Razor edge 1, 18 grams
Country: England
Height: 5’ 11”

Rohit “Rock It” Rabadia first started playing darts in 1995 at the early age of 15, threw his first darts at the Shree Muktajeevan Sports Youth Academy based at Golders Green Temple, London.

He entered his first darts tournament at the age of 16 in 1996, winning both the singles title and the doubles title. Away from darts for 11 years he re-entered the tournaments back in 2007 and 2008, again winning the singles titles both years running. 2009 Rohit was the runner up of the singles title, but was crowned the 2009 doubles champion. Rohit recently also took the doubles title for 2010.

After much encouragement from his better half, Rohit has been playing on the BDO circuit all over the UK since early 2009 and all over Europe since early 2010.

In 2011 at the Latvia Open Rohit gained his first World Ranking points by reaching the last 32, eventually losing to Lakeside regular Gary Robson.

Rohit used to play in the following leagues: London Wexford Winter and Summer League, Acton and Chiswick League, Hammersmith and District League and also in the Middlesex Mens Super league.
Rohit is now looking for teams to play in, within the Cheshire, Warrington area. He has made his move from London to further up north to play more competitive dart leagues and to concentrate more on ranking events.

Please view fixtures page to see what other leagues Rohit has participated in.


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Rohit Rabadia Trophy Award
HDDA DIV 2 Champions 2011
Rohit Rabadia Trophy
Rohit Rabadia Trophy Award
Rohit Rabadia Trophy Award
HDDA DMJ Cup Winners 2011
HDDA Supreme Cup 4th Place
HDDA DIV 2 Pairs Winners 2011
Rohit Rabadia Trophy
Rohit Rabadia Trophy Award
Rohit Rabadia Trophy Award
LWDL Div 1 Singles
Semi-Finalist 2011
LWDL Div 1, 3's Semi-Finalist 2011
LWDL 2011, 170 (max) Checkout
Rohit Rabadia Darts Doubles Winner Trophy
Rohit Rabadia Trophy Award
Rohit Rabadia Trophy Award
SMSA 2010 Doubles Winner
LWDL Winter 09-10 Runners up
LWDL Summer 09-10 Runners up
Rohit Rabadia Trophy Award
Rohit Rabadia Trophy
Player of the season award
Best Singles Winning Average
Team Awards Runners Up Div 2
Player of the Season Award
Rohit Rabadia Trophy Premier League
Award for most 140's
Harrow & District Charity League 2009/2010 Premier League Runners Up
Award for most Ton's
Darts Award
Rohit Rabadia
2009 SMYA Singles Runner Up
2009 SMYA Doubles Winner
2008 SMYA Singles Winner
Rohit Rabadia Awards
Darts Trophy
2007 SMYA Singles Winner
1996 SMYA Singles Winner
1996 SMYA Doubles Winner