Rohit Rabadia
SMYA Darts Finals 2009 Sponsored by Red Dragon Darts

Red Dragon Darts very own Rohit “Rock It” Rabadia made it to both the singles and doubles finals this year on Christmas day. The doubles final was played first and was best out of seven legs. Rohit and his doubles partner got off to a nervy start, going down in the first leg and then in the third. Eventually they took the fourth to level the score at 2-2. At this point the game took a dramatic turn as Rohit and his partner blew away the opposition 4-2 to take the doubles title. The 5th and the 6th leg showed what Rohit was really made of with consistent 140s and 100s being thrown and only taking one dart to check out on the doubles.

SMYA 2009 Darts Double Champion: Rohit “Rock It” Rabadia

Shortly after the Singles Final was to be played, this was the crown that both finalists wanted for different reasons. Rohit, so that he would be crowned champion 3 years running and his opponent because he had lost to Rohit in 2007 final and 2008 semi final. This was to say the main event of the Open Day, the crowd gathered to watch what would be an amazing final. Neither player disappointed. The singles final was best out of 9 legs.

Consistent 120 plus scores meant there was no room for error by either finalist. Rohit went down in the first and third leg, he took the second and fourth to level the game at 2-2. Rohit then took charge going up 4-2 with immense concentration he made it look so easy taking out the doubles with ease. His opponent eventually levelled the match at 4-4. At this point the crowd was getting bigger and louder. So it came down to the deciding leg, his opponent had the advantage of throwing first. For the first time in the match the nerves were showing from both players as their averages dropped “must have been the nerves” of knowing they were so close to victory. Rohit took a slight lead and was eventually left with hitting a double 2. “Not one of his favourites”, his opponent eventually left on double 13. Unfortunately Rohit blew 9 darts on double 2 and his opponent took advantage and was crowned SMYA 2009 Singles Champion.

Rohit was very disappointed in losing his title as his check outs during the day were so easy but just let him down on his final leg.

Rohit “Rock It” Rabadia

“I am very happy I won the doubles title, but very disappointed I lost my singles crown. The best man on the day won. I will be back stronger and better next year.”